Chess for Beginners

As part of my SEO training, I am experimenting with my current sites. One such site is my Chess for Beginners blog.

Today 3/12/16 I have made a few modifications to try to improve my rank for the keyword chess levels.

  • Added the CloudFlare CDN service to improve the speed of the site.
  • Tweaked my Anatomy of a Chess Player page, to increase the rank for the keyword chess levels.
    • Added the chess levels term to my H1 tag.
    • Requested 3 backlinks to page using chess levels anchor text.
    • as of 3/12/16 I am ranking 6th for the term.
  • Created a new page called Chess Strategy a term I am currently not ranking for but which to rank for in the future.
  • As of 3/15/16 Moved up to 4th place for Chess Levels on Google.
  • Still not ranking for Chess Strategy as of 3/16/2016
  • Started ranking for chess strategy in late March, currently ranking 32nd. as of 4/11/16.